Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daisy-The Great Protector

Daisy is our one-year-old lab/something mix. She has been a great asset to our family as a working dog.

Following is a list of some of her duties.

1. Window watcher. If you don't know where Daisy is, she's probably got her head in a window somewhere. It's very important for her to rotate on a regular basis to a new window because you never know what might show up unexpectedly.

2. Mop. When we spill things, she licks them up. She ever so helpfully licked up the lemonade mix we spilled on the floor this morning. Leaving the floor with that lovely sticky feeling that is so hard to come by.

3. Skateboard patrol. We have a lot of skateboarding teenagers in our neighborhood. Of course, everyone realizes how awful it is for teenagers to occupy their time outside keeping to themselves and being active. Therefore, Daisy keeps them in line. She barks at them. Today they're completely under control. They won't be in the streets today (and I'm sure the rain is just a coincidence, not a cause)

4. Shadow Police. This one is really really important. I have spent years of my life worrying about the shadows that appear every time the lights are on or the sun is out. It's eaten up entire days of my life. Days I will never get back. Thankfully, we have Daisy now. She keeps the shadows in line. Usually she corners them in the hallway between the bathroom, furnace, and spare bedroom. She also keeps them from escaping before she has thoroughly attacked them on the wall.

5. Dust mote catcher. Those darn dust motes that fly around in the sunlight are so annoying. I used to spend hours a day trying to catch them all and keep them off my furniture. Thus far, Daisy has eaten about 28758390q98 of them. This is such a relief, it really frees me up to do more leisurely things, like clean my house and pay bills.

6. Doorbell. People don't need to knock on our door!! We have Daisy to tell us they are here. I'm so glad that she can keep our guests from wasting their energy knocking. Because with her volume level, we wouldn't hear them anyway!

Right now, Daisy is training to be an echo catcher too. There is an elusive and menacing echo in the hall where she traps the shadows. Every time she barks at the shadows, this echo occurs. It's been bothering me for a long time, and Daisy is in the processes of locating it and discovering the cause.

I'm just so thankful we now have her to allow me time to be with my family and not have to worry about all of these horrible dangers!