Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flats challenge

I haven't really been blogging lately. Things have been busy. Im trying to reorganize the house so I can get the spare room turned into a classroom by fall.

I wanted to post about this flats challenge

I'm really excited to do this. I've been using flats for a while and often when people ask what they can use cheaply, I say flats and covers! I rotate between favorite types of diapers, but I do love my flats. Right now I use a snappi, though I prefer pins. Charlotte won't stay still and I've pinned myself before, so we switched ton snappis. I much prefer flats to prefolds for their quick washing and drying time, though I have not hand washed them before.

We used gerber flats when Charlotte was first born. They're not very absorbent, but they're good for a newborn. Then we used little lions brand once she was a tad bigger. These were a bit bulky in the newborn stage, but on bigger babies they're the trimmest diaper I own. Most of mine are dyed and painted because I was experimenting. I think I'll buy some new ones from moms milk boutique just for this challenge, they're offering a free cover when you buy 12 flats with the code cover12. They'll even let you specify boy or girl! And you can get two sets! Their site is and they're one of my favorite websites to buy from. Very quick service. And always free shipping.