Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elimination Communication-this should be an interesting journey.

I've decided to do some EC with Charlotte. For those unfamiliar, it's the practice of "diaper free baby" or "infant potty training." How funny that I want to "infant potty train" when my nearly three year old is in diapers still. Basically, how it works (from what I can gather) is that you learn the signs that your baby is about to potty, then put them ON the potty. That's a really short run down.

The reason I want to do this with Charlotte is because she has a really sensitive tush. She is allergic to disposable diapers and wipes. She can't be wet for very long or she gets really red. Overnight makes her bottom break out terribly, so every morning we have to do some "repair work."

I have found a great diaper cream by Burt's Bees, but it's not safe for cloth diapers. Which puts us in a predicament. Disposables break her out, but the cure for her breakouts isn't safe for cloth. The only option left is naked. My carpet thus far is not happy with this solution. My cloth diaper-safe creams tend to work better as prevention. So, our diapering/booty saving routine is to let her be naked for a while in the morning with cream. She poops and pees on the floor. I try to keep her on a blanket but she rolls all over so that's hard. Then I use either Burt's Bees baby powder or some that a friend let me borrow that is made from organic corn starch and ground lavender after slathering her bottom with shea butter to seal out the wetness.

I have decided that maybe we can save the carpet and blankets during this couple hours of naked time by learning her signs.

Yesterday, I just observed her and her pottying as she laid on the floor. Some common signs I have read about are babies getting quiet or still before going. Charlotte gets quiet after she starts. She also does what I call "sniper poops" and I have no warning of them. So, I'm going to continue observing and reporting here what she does this week. If anyone out there has an EC tips, I'd really love to hear them!