Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Lately, Lydia has been getting more and more attached to her Daddy. A couple weeks ago, at the store, she asked me to buy a car so that Daddy would have one to play with, too.

The other night, when her ear was hurting, only Daddy could calm her down.

This morning, she woke up crying for him because he was getting ready for work.

I thought that it would be a good day to put on her shirt that says "Daddy's Girl" today since she has been very attached to him lately. We have the funniest conversation about this shirt EVERY time she wears it.

Me:"You want to wear your daddy's girl shirt?"
Lydia: "Daddy is a boy"
Me: "I know honey, but the shirt says 'daddy's girl' it means you are his girl"
Lydia: "I AM a girl! Daddy is a boy"
Me: "I know, but the shirt doesn't say he's a girl it says you are his girl."
Lydia: "I.......AM........A.......GIRL"
Me: "okay honey."

Today the conversation took an interesting turn. After the normal going back and forth about what "Daddy's Girl" actually means, this is what she said.
"Hey Daddy, my shirt says you're a girl."
"No, I'm a boy"
"I know, but my shirt says you're a girl. It says 'Daddy's a girl' haha"
"That means you are MY girl"
"Nope, it means you are a girl, but you're a boy."
Maniacal laughter at the thought of Daddy being a girl ensued.

No wonder she argues about it every time, she's hearing us wrong!!

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