Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is in the air

I love this season!! Lydia and I have been outside the last few days for a few hours a day. She has been wearing her "castles" and for those of you who don't speak toddler-ese that means sandals.

The changing of seasons is always a little rough in Michigan though. We have had days warm enough lately that we don't need coats and our windows are open. This weekend it's supposed to snow. Lydia is trying to get over a sinus issue and ear infection from the changing weather. She's almost 100% but the cough is hanging in there for now.

I feel like this is sort of where our lives have been as well, in a season of change. Don's working long hours and going to school. I appreciate him so much for this I can't even begin to put it into words. We haven't seen him as much as we'd like and that's been hard. We're making some changes to try and adapt to our new schedule. Daisy, our dog, is trying very hard to be good. Some days she is the best dog in the world. Some days, I'd like to find her a new family. We're trying and I'm hoping in the next couple of months she will settle a bit as she matures. She's a year old now! We're working hard getting the house ready for Charlotte's arrival. We've still got four months, but I know they'll go quickly. I can't believe the last five have gone by so fast! It really goes by faster with an older child at home.

Speaking of Charlotte, that's one of the biggest changes we're going through! It's a wonderful change though. Lydia loves to talk to her sister and rub my belly. We've been reading some great books we got from the library. I probably have one of the only two year olds who can tell you what a uterus, umbilical cord, and placenta are. It's very exciting to have her along for the journey of pregnancy this time. She's very interested in all of it and can't wait for our baby to be here.

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